ACO Patient Engagement Consulting

Accountable Care Organizations (physician-only, physician-led and hospital-led) will all become even more “accountable” – if they don’t already accept downside risk – as CMS forces ACOs more quickly into two-sided risk models through their “Pathways to Success” initiative.
For the quality measures, patient engagement will become a more important factor (along with patient satisfaction and the overall patient experience).

While some two-sided ACOs may be allowed to pay a nominal amount to beneficiaries for each qualifying primary care service received, more than a modest financial incentive will be necessary in order to substantially influence patient engagement, compliance and adherence that should translate into some level of cost savings.

Forefront Healthcare Consulting has many years of experience in helping healthcare providers and organizations communicate and connect with patients in ways that empower, inspire and motivate patients to take greater personal ownership of their own health behaviors and outcomes.

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