Cybersecurity as a Strategy

The Problem

The healthcare industry is under increasing attack by cyber hacks at a heretofore unprecedented level. In fact, a recent survey conducted by HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) showed that 75% of healthcare executives reported a recent, significant security breach.

Healthcare organizations face unique cybersecurity threats and challenges that go well beyond compromised personal health information for its patients and related ransomware.

Medical devices can be manipulated through cyber attacks to produce inaccurate data and diagnoses that can lead to catastrophic errors and  outcomes for patients as well as devastating legal implications for healthcare providers.

At the same time, a Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report from March 2018 indicated that healthcare is the only industry with more data breaches caused by employees than by hackers. Most of these breaches were not intentional (unauthorized access and disclosures, loss of devices and records and improper disposal) which makes it even harder to maintain security and integrity of data and devices on a hospital, health system or medical group network.

Healthcare IT departments often struggle to succeed with such complex and rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats. Many hospitals and health systems employ Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) may work with third-party cybersecurity vendors in conjunction with their internal IT teams, but there are so many cybersecurity companies offering various services and solutions with different pricing and business models that it’s challenging to select the right partner.

Cybersecurity Needs to be Driven by Strategy

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