Marketing To Physicians

Many businesses in the healthcare industry have been marketing to physicians for many years and for many purposes.

But regardless of a company’s products, services and solutions, and whether a company is targeting a physician as a decision maker or a decision influencer, every business serving the healthcare industry recognizes (or should) that the ground has shifted and continues to shift rapidly under the physician’s feet.

That shift applies whether physicians are in insurance-based or cash-based business models and it requires new, different and innovative marketing strategies that adapt in real time to the changes and evolution in U.S.-based healthcare as it impacts physicians.

There is no single strategy or approach that applies to every type of company that targets physicians as customers or influencers.

The techniques, communications styles and success formulas will vary and change, often over short time periods, based on physician status as an owner or employee, the product, service or solution and the role of the physician in that purchase decision.

One constant you can count on is the experience and expertise that Forefront Healthcare Consulting brings to the strategy and execution of marketing to physicians.

The Forefront team has been marketing products and services to physicians for many years. We understand how and why physicians think they way they do. We know how that thinking has changed and continues to evolve based on circumstances and challenges that impact physicians in their careers, in their choices, perspectives and decisions.

In addition to our expertise in marketing to physicians, Forefront consultants and strategists are also healthcare industry thought leaders who constantly monitor changes and trends in the healthcare industry as those changes affect physicians.

Whether you have a robust, in-house marketing department and team or you need marketing execution and implementation as well as strategy, your company can benefit from the objective, third-party knowledge, expertise and innovative marketing strategies that Forefront Healthcare Consulting can add to your marketing efforts and results.

Look to Forefront Healthcare Consulting to help your business create and implement marketing strategies and communications that are based on “where the puck is going” for physicians rather than where it’s been.

Industry segments that Forefront Healthcare Consulting helps market to physicians:

  • Medical device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare SaaS
  • Tele-health
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Management
  • Healthcare IT services
  • Medical supplies distributors
  • Financial services providers and institutions
  • Management Services Organizations (MSO)
  • Practice management consultants
  • Medical specialists targeting primary care referrals
  • Legal services
  • Ad agencies
  • Physician Recruitment

Contact Forefront Healthcare Consulting at 800-924-5447 for a discussion and review of your business and marketing challenges and an assessment of your current marketing strategies.