Healthcare Sales Development and Consulting

Closing a sale is a goal and an outcome. “Sales” is a process and system for achieving that desired outcome.

But the sales process and system does not end with the inking of an agreement or the purchase of a product or service.

Sales includes post-sale support, nurturing ambassadors and testimonials from your happy clients, developing marketable success stories and case studies, upsells, repeat sales, and renewals.

An effective sales system also includes a process for scaling sales beyond initial demand and capacity and doing so in the most profitable and productive manner.

The Sales Funnel is Not Alwasy a Valid Model in Healthcare Anymore

Sales orthodoxy has been based for decades on the concept of the Sales Funnel (aka the Purchase Funnel). There are variations in the terminology but the idea is essentially the same.

The sales funnel is based on achieving awareness of your product or service, followed by building interest, creating desire and persuading action (purchase).

The Journey from Prospect to Customer Takes Many Different Paths

Whether your healthcare business serves B2B or B2C audiences (or both), customers today have so much direct access to research and information that they enter and leave the sales pipeline at different points in the buying journey.

It’s easy to utilize online, social and third-party sources to investigate options, compare companies, products and services, find customer reviews and sometimes pricing – all without interaction with any sales rep.

Sales Organizations Need a More Flexible, Adaptive System

Whether your product is medical devices, other medical technology, SaaS offerings, healthcare business and administrative services or delivery of healthcare itself, outbound healthcare sales and marketing teams may still need to apply the traditional sales funnel to create awareness and interest, particularly for new and innovative products and services.

But healthcare sales systems and processes also need to be sufficiently flexible and adaptive to take into account and be responsive to the different entry points and knowledge of prospective customers along their buyer journey.

Sales organizations need to adapt to a more modular than linear model, with resources, communications and sales strategies and tactics that can “plug and play” to different scenarios along the buyer journey.

This more modular approach starts with an initial discovery and investigation of where the prospect may be along that journey at the point of initial contact. It also may require rethinking and retraining your sales teams to a more flexible and adaptive sales process.

Healthcare Sales Development and Consulting

Forefront Healthcare Consulting develops custom, modular sales systems for businesses that sell healthcare products and services. Our sales systems are designed to the specifications of each client’s products, services, target audiences, competitors and markets.

We also provide ongoing sales development and sales enablement consulting, coaching and training to healthcare sales teams.

Call us at 800-924-5447 to discuss your current sales strategy, sales process and sales challenges so that we can develop a custom solution that produces more sales, greater retention and repurchase and more customer advocates.