Telehealth, including real-time telemedicine video consults, asynchronous, “store and forward” (non-real-time) video, remote patient monitoring and mobile health (mHealth), will continue to grow as reimbursement improves. It seems like everyone wants to get on the bandwagon, particularly telehealth companies and remote monitoring device manufacturers, with new startups cropping up every month to compete with more established companies.
But so far, “everyone” doesn’t include a few vital constituencies:
  • Patients, who are still slow to adopt and use telehealth technology and solutions
  • Many physicians, who know they will need to get “in the game” but are either too busy or otherwise averse to integrating telemedicine consults, remote patient monitoring and other telehealth solutions into their daily lives
The technology and reimbursement are advancing. So what are the missing links to greater adoption by patients and by physicians? Business development, marketing and sales.
Forefront Healthcare Consulting develops and helps implement business development, sales and marketing strategies for:
  • telehealth companies
  • providers who want a user-friendly way to introduce and utilize telehealth with their patients and with other providers
  • patients who are seeking convenient, real-time telehealth solutions
  • self-insured employers who want to see increased utilization and associated cost/productivity savings from appropriate use of telehealth services by their employees.
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